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                                             Work from Home- The new mantra:        Work from home is fast becoming the new mantra bec...

                                            Work from Home- The new mantra:

       Work from home is fast becoming the new mantra because of the convenience and flexibility it offers the working professionals, more and more professionals are getting interested to work from home, in this article we give you the reasons and popularity of this new trend:
       Today the world is more globalized then it once was, and the geographical barriers have obviously shrunken and the need for flexibility has arisen this can be met by work from home option.

      Work from home offers various advantages such as reduction in commuting to workplace and helps meet the personal and other priorities of an individual who chooses to work from home thus increasing the efficiency, satisfaction and productivity at work.

      Work from home is especially beneficial to women because it helps in promoting good work life balance among women thus promoting a healthy family and personal life and also increases their contribution among the workforce, which can lead to a healthy corporate environment.

      More and more companies are looking forward for implementing this new trend because it is a very good opportunity to improve the satisfaction and thereby contribution to the productivity of the company and also a health HR (Human resource) Strategy.



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