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                                                      IT Graduates and Skills         Today it’s a competitive job market and tough ec...

                                                     IT Graduates and Skills

        Today it’s a competitive job market and tough economic situation, especially for the IT industry and IT graduates it is true, now the need of the hour for IT graduates is to back up their degrees with the necessary and appropriate soft and hard skills to be successful in their quest for job, we offer you these useful insights from the industry experts for the fresh IT graduates and those looking for a career in IT:

        IT industry now is experiencing higher attrition rate and also expecting multi-skilled talent from the workforce, in this scenario freshers are preferred and hired immediately if they are skilled technically and also possess soft skills.

        Soft skills are those which include proper communication skills, table manners and appropriate sense of dressing, graduates with the above skills can expect almost immediate hiring and are in hot demand for the industry.

        Equipping yourself with the above skills is most important because the requirements and expectations of IT industry have changed completely and there is no bulk hiring and then training of freshers as was done earlier.

        Today the industry expects skill ready and hands on experience right from the freshers itself, knowing the changed requirements of the industry is very essential to keep the graduates informed about the needs of the industry helps them to plan their course and careers accordingly.

        Also the graduates should be in a position to have practical thinking not just getting the theory right and they should be in a position to seek and solve challenges, this gives them an edge over much of the competition easily.


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