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                                              How to answer a HR interview?        Human Resources (HR) interview can be tricky given ...

                                             How to answer a HR interview?

      Human Resources (HR) interview can be tricky given the kind of questions that will be asked and also it is where you will be critically evaluated and determined whether you will be eligible for that particular job or not, in short you will be screened, so you have to avoid making any mistakes during this interview, we offer the following tips on how to attend a HR interview:

     To impress the interviewer in this round, you have to be well prepared and hence do your homework properly and try to research more about the company this gives an impression that you are serious about the job and also prepare to speak about your skills properly.

     In this round mostly every question is asked to check how you are eligible for the job and you should answer them properly with emphasizing the fact that you are eligible in a particular way.

     Do not make any mistakes in preparing the resume, as mentioned earlier this round is used mainly to screen and eliminate candidates, so if your resume itself contains mistakes the interviewer may not be inclined to know more about you, in this way you lose out on an opportunity with your own fault, also try to include those things in your resume which you know very well and answer very well, otherwise you will come across as a non-genuine and uninterested candidate.

    Wearing proper attire and carrying the appropriate accessories is also one of the most important factors in clearing a HR interview because this round is used for elimination you cannot take a risk on looking awkward and uninteresting during the first impression because the interviewer may not show much interest later if you fail to impress him in the beginning.

    Maintaining a proper attitude also makes you score well, so maintain eye contact and answer the questions comfortably and politely, sometimes the interviewer may ask you questions which are out of your comfort zone in order to check your reactivity during challenging situations do not lose your calm and answer the questions intelligently, do not speak rudely and try to avoid speaking loudly.

   Hence right preparation is the key because every factor is considered in an HR interview and try to be well prepared and leave no stone unturned in preparing for a HR interview because you will be evaluated in many ways more than just your skills.

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