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                                              How to Learn the Art of Persuasion?            Learning the art of persuasion is very im...

                                             How to Learn the Art of Persuasion?

          Learning the art of persuasion is very important because it can help you negotiate tough situations, helps in networking with new people and also helps in dealing with your boss or colleagues effectively, apart from the technical skills and work skills the art of persuasion is also one of the most often overlooked skills, because it helps you stand apart from others and also keeps you ahead of the race in this competitive world, so these tips are to be followed to learn the art of persuasion:

         To learn persuasion you have to maintain good friendly relationships with your colleagues and good interpersonal skills as well, if you have helped any of your co-workers previously, try to gain their help for much better and bigger purposes, use reciprocity in this case.

        Use words and terms that will be beneficial to both you and the person you want to persuade, mention frequently about the common interests and mutual goals so that the other person feels a sense of belonging and trust, this can help you persuade.

        Try to present both sides of the argument to the other person, because it helps you in creating a mutual understanding and a sense of credibility and honesty for you and your presentation.

        Be polite and warm and receptive to the other person’s views, do not be authoritative and rude because the foundation of persuasion is trust, be careful in choosing your words and the timing also.

         Once you have persuaded a person don’t show arrogance that you have won the other because the other person may think that you are non-trustable and can make him feel insecure.

         Try to compliment the other person sincerely and also build your case on your mutual and shared interests in order to get connected to the other person and also communicate clearly and effectively in order to prove your point before them.

         Sometimes trying to use their body language and mannerisms could also be helpful because any person tries to be with the like minded and same natured persons this helps in creating a friendly and conductive environment for persuasion.


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