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                                             How to Apply for Job on Times Jobs       Times jobs is an initiative by times group and i...

                                            How to Apply for Job on Times Jobs

      Times jobs is an initiative by times group and is one of the most visited job search and career related websites in India, with its wide array of various jobs, it’s important to know how to use this website for searching the right job and applying for it, we offer the following tips on how to do it:

      When you open the timesjobs website there are four tabs where you could fill in the details related to the job such as the skills you possess or the designation of the job you seek in the first tab and then location of the job and the experience you possess for the job in the later tabs and your functional area meaning the job related to the industry.

      When you fill all the tabs you get a list of jobs and a set of companies containing the jobs, so you can choose according to your requirements.

      To refine the job search and make it much more precise for you, you can register with the website and on the top right corner you can find “view recommended jobs” link which will take you to the jobs that match your requirements and after you create your account your search will be indexed and similar jobs will be updated to you.

     As you keep on updating your resume the jobs required for you also get updated from time to time, this saves a lot of time and energy for searching a job.



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