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                                     How to Handle Harassment In The Workplace                  Harassment is one of the major problem...

                                    How to Handle Harassment In The Workplace

                 Harassment is one of the major problems facing the workforce in today’s work environment, there could be many forms of harassment mostly it comes down to either sexual or non-sexual harassment, here are the following ways to handle harassment at workplaces:

                 If the harassment is happening with the co-worker you have to either be calm so that they will stop bothering you or if it is too much to handle you can simply report it to your superior.

                 And also you can ask your colleague to stop the way in which they are treating you for this purpose you can talk to them and describe about their behavior and say that it’s not acceptable to you.

                 If the harassment is from a superior then you have to either speak with him or try to understand where the problem is and why he is displaying such behavior and try to win over him, if it still persists and bothering your productivity and satisfaction at work you have to consider Employee assistance manual and try to follow the manual.

                Finally you have to deal with harassment in such a manner that it does not impact your career in a negative way, for this you have to talk with either the experts in employee laws or others who have encountered harassment and try to find a meaningful solution to the problem without damaging your career.  


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