Use Of A Resume | How To use It

                                                         Use Of A Resume                       The resume is used to convey precise an...

                                                        Use Of A Resume

                      The resume is used to convey precise and brief statements about your work related experience and skills in order to acquire a job matching the skill set mentioned in the resume.

                      The resume should be concise and should not be more than two pages and it should help you have an edge in the competition and should make the interviewer prefer you over several others.

                     In the resume the name should stand out and hence it can be bold or different in terms of font size.

                     In North America the resumes are used mainly for job purposes rather than for research and higher academics.

                     Whereas in India, South Africa and Australia, the terms resume and CV are used interchangeably.

                     In Europe, UK, the Middle East and Asia only CV is used more frequently and the word resumes are used very less. 



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