Tips To Make A Successful Career Change

                                                Successful Career Change Where you stand : In order to change a job you first need to ...

                                               Successful Career Change

Where you stand: In order to change a job you first need to evaluate your satisfaction related to the job and whether you can further continue in it, these include the working hours, the salary and time spent with your family in your current job, if the demerits are more than the merits you can consider to change a job.

Take a self-check: Before changing a career, outline your skills, talents and abilities for your next job, this makes a good beginning because after changing your present job you should not feel dissatisfied again, check whether these qualities will help you in your next job or not.

Preparing a list of jobs: Having got a firm idea about your skill set, come up with a list of jobs matching your skill set, if you have very few options consider discussing it with your friends, relatives and peers as well as well wishers if possible speak with those who are already working in those jobs, this gives you a complete idea about the list of jobs and the roles involved in them.

Assessing the list: Now assess each job in the list and filter out some options which you feel are suitable to you the most.

Doing Case study: Now gather as much information on the jobs that you have filtered and learn the specifications of each job and if possible take the guidance of those who are already present in those fields and keep yourself well informed to the maximum extent possible.

Observing the workforce: Observe the workers of those particular jobs and take time in learning from them.

Get an idea: Now be prepared to do some sort of assignments or activities which can help you gain the field experience of that particular job in order to get a taste of that particular job.

Academic Study: Now explore the educational opportunities in that particular field you are interested and take up a course of study to educate yourself which helps in order to get an opportunity in your field of interest.

Sharpening your skills: Increase your skills in your chosen field of interest and this brings you more opportunities to your doorstep and more satisfaction as well.

Change within: Altogether if you want to change to a new role in your career you can do it in your own company for e.g. if you have worked as a programmer in your company you can now go for a job as a corporate trainer.



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