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                                              How to write your first Resume             Writing a resume for the first time indicates...

                                             How to write your first Resume

            Writing a resume for the first time indicates that you are a fresher and for freshers the resume writing should be in such a way that your skills and abilities should be projected according to the academic background and qualifications and not from previous job experience because you are a fresher, here are the tips on how to prepare a best possible resume for freshers and get noticed:
           Firstly since you are a fresher you can list out all your skills and abilities and you should be able to convey that you are suitable for the job based on them.

            Next, you should be able to use proper keywords in order to optimize your profile and increase the readability of your resume so that it gets noticed.

          Also include your technical skills such as any programming languages that you know and other internships or workshops or seminars that you have attended and also mention about your course curriculum and how strong you are in your academics.

        The only thing any interviewer considers in your resume is your eligibility and suitability for the job, as a fresher the best thing you can do is to showcase your skills and strength in your academics in such a way that you are best suited for the job.

        Also try to revise your resume and go through it as many times as possible in order to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes that can lower your chances.

        Apart from that the interviewer asks you questions based on what you have mentioned in the resume, please try to give valid and proper answers to whatever you have mentioned in your resume because if you are not able to do it, then the interviewer gets an impression that you are lying and are not the best candidate for the job and this automatically lowers your chances.


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