Tips for Getting Job References to The Job Seeker

                                            Tips for Getting Job References 1)       Make a list : First make a list of the people who ...

                                            Tips for Getting Job References

1)      Make a list: First make a list of the people who are likely to give you references, t he people who can give you references are your former bosses, co-workers, colleagues and any one whom you know personally like your friends or relatives.

2)      To get a reference: In order to get a job reference you need to have the permission of the person whom you are asking for a reference and also once you have the permission you need to verify whether you can use their reference for a particular job you want to apply.

3)      Choice of reference: Choose your reference in such a way that they can provide meaningful and impressive information about you rather than just getting their reference because of their position and title.

4)      Types of reference: There can be paper as well as personal references but paper reference may not be accepted and personal references are preferred but sometimes to crosscheck personal references are contacted and details are enquired from them.

5)      Networking: It’s important to maintain a network of your employers, former colleagues and almost everyone in your professional life, you should not come across as the one who only turns up whenever there is any need and never shows up again so cultivate the relationships and keep in touch via linkedin and other social networking sites.



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