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                                               Things To Not Say In An Interview        Some thing should not be said during an interv...

                                              Things To Not Say In An Interview

       Some thing should not be said during an interview because it really cuts down you r chances and you may not get another chance to get noticed in the eyes of an interviewer because the interviewer’s job is to filter and knock away candidates for a particular job and saying something inappropriate brings down your chances, here are the following things which you should avoid during an interview:

       Do not speak anything negative about your former company or your former boss because it would be unprofessional and also signifies you as an ungrateful and non trustworthy person and your qualification chances get down.

      Do not bring up the issue of salary first because it gets reflected that you are a money minded person and may not be having good work ethic required to deliver at the job and again your qualification chances go down.

     Try to be professional and do not use slang and do not try to be casual like you were talking to a friend, it signifies that you are not serious about your job and implies your take it for granted attitude at the job.

     Research the company well before attending the interview and try to be well informed about all the information related to the company, if the interviewer asks any question related to the company and you don’t answer it gives an impression that you are non-committal and not so serious person and the interviewer tries to filter you out in the selection process.

     Do not mention anything about vacations, day or night shifts etc and instead try to convey that you would be an invaluable asset to the company and would add value to it.

     Also try to be on time, more than anything else punctuality is really what counts and do not try to show attitude or over confidence and do not excuse yourself for attending a phone call or replying to a message over phone.


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