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                                                  Telephonic Interview Tips            Telephonic interview is more or less just like ...

                                                 Telephonic Interview Tips

           Telephonic interview is more or less just like a normal interview but you have to be more forthright in answering the questions and getting your message across, they can be used before a face to face interview as a means to filter out if there are so many candidates competing for a job or there could be so many reasons, here are the following ways to get prepared for a telephonic interview:

         Make a standard list of interview questions and practice them in order to be confident and comfortable during the phone interview.
         While the phone interview is going on do not smoke drink or chew (chewing gum or food) this gives an impression that you are casual and not so serious about the interview.

        Turn off anything which causes noise and make you inaudible to the interviewer.

         Have a strong and affirmative tone so as to be clear during the interview and speak slowly also so that you can be audible and clear.

         Also keep your resume ready because most of the times the interviewer asks questions from the resume itself and you can be readily prepared to answer them

        Listen to the questions properly and give relevant answers to the questions because it can really upset the interviewer.



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