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                                                       Social Media Tips For Job Search             Maintaining a proper profile is th...

                                                      Social Media Tips For Job Search

            Maintaining a proper profile is the beginning step to get noticed in internet and social media platforms.

           And also maintaining a proper network of contacts on social media platforms in general and linkedin in particular really helps, because the world is heavily connected and it really helps if you are looking for a job to search among your contacts.

          Good resume preparation with appropriate usage of keywords also helps in adding weightage to your profile because once you get noticed, it is your resume which speaks about yourself.

          Maintain a proper profile on linkedin is the most important step because it is the website which is especially meant for professionals, so state your professional goals and aspirations and also the skillset and experience (if any), most employers are now hiring through linkedin also, so make sure to get noticed.

         In linkedin, search for the company name you want to apply in the search tab and then you may get employees who work in that company and also the connections if anyone is related in that company, so that they may help you.

       Twitter can also be useful in expanding your network and can help you stay updated by placing tweets or following tweets in order to be equipped with the latest happenings in the job market.



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