Resume Mistakes | Avoid These Resume Mistakes For A Better Resume

                                                   RESUME MISTAKES Spelling and Semantics :                                 Spellin...

                                                  RESUME MISTAKES

Spelling and Semantics: 
                              Spelling errors and other grammatical errors convey a wrong impression to the reader and might decrease your chances in the competition, so please read and re-read your resume once, twice or thrice and make sure that it is free from
mistakes. You cannot discover your own mistakes, so please go to a friend, family member or anyone who is close to you and get it corrected.

Keywords are the key: 
                            Please make sure that you include keywords matching the required job profile, as a matter of fact keywords tend to draw the attention of the reader in the limited time that he goes through your resume. So please make sure they are used wherever relevant.

Updating Resume
                          Please try to update your resume because one resume for all applications doesn’t work with job search and resume building, it may save your time but doesn't help your cause, try to make some small changes to the varied job profiles that you intend to apply and know the requirements of the job before you prepare your resume.

Relevant Information
                        Please try to stick to the job profile and what it expects before mentioning your work experience, do not include large paragraphs detailing everything you did, make sure you highlight those things which you feel suits the intended job because including unnecessary details may actually cover-up the high lights of your career.

               The summary of qualifications you mentioned in the career objective should not mismatch the desired job you are applying for, it's better to omit them instead of writing something which is totally irrelevant to the relevant job.

             Just alone mentioning your duties and responsibilities and not speaking about your role in those duties does not come across as a good resume.

Striking statements
                          Try to describe your job role and your capabilities with respect to the intended job and how your strengths fit in there, this can lead to a good impression, otherwise your resume is lost into the bundles of other resumes.

Stressing too much:
                             Don't try to give an impression to the reader that you are saying too much about your achievements by stressing too much on them.

                Try to highlight the awards if any genuinely and not over highlighting.



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