Preparing For Your First Job Interview

                                Preparing For Your First Job Interview                  Most likely the first interview will be for a f...

                               Preparing For Your First Job Interview

                 Most likely the first interview will be for a fresher and hence the questions that will be asked to you is the branch of study in your under graduation, your percentage and the projects or the extracurricular activities you have participated, explain to him/her briefly and accurately while answering them.

                Knowing about the company is the basic thing to do before attending any interview, so you have to have an idea about the company and how it’s operating, this helps you in being informed and properly answering questions in the interview.

               Also try to know about the roles and responsibilities of the job that you are going to attend for in the company and try to know more about the job from your colleagues or seniors.
              Appearance is also one of the key factors used for evaluation in an interview, be properly dressed and try to look as much formal as possible, greet him pleasantly (e.g. Handshake or Hello with a smile) and maintain eye contact while talking to the interviewer.

              The most standard question asked in an interview is “tell me about yourself”, for this question you have to confidently speak about your strengths and make yourself comfortable for the rest of the interview.

              The purpose behind every question asked in the interview is related to check whether you’re suitable for that job and you have to be calm and answer each question confidently on how you’re suited to the job.

              Try to practice the interview questions by placing yourself in front of the mirror and also ask any of your friends, relatives or the persons whom you know to ask interview questions and try to correct any mistakes and improve the way of answering questions, this help you gain confidence before going to the interview.

            Also have a good resume so that you can briefly summarize about yourself and if the interview is at the office try to plan the route map and time exactly before you start for the interview, plan properly because you should avoid any situation that makes you nervous on the day of interview.



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