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                                                         Office Etiquette

           Office etiquette simply implies that there are certain standard behaviour rules that should be followed within the office in order to make your day to day interaction with the colleagues and superiors a pleasant and smooth experience, here are the minimum basics that define the office behaviour or etiquette:

          More than anything else punctuality and discipline is what really counts in an office atmosphere and can say a lot about your personality and also helps a lot in career growth.
          Don’t attend a phone call for too long at your desk because it can disturb others and also conveys a wrong impression about you.

          Do remember to silence your phone or switch it off while you are about to attend a meeting, otherwise it unnecessarily interrupts everyone and you will be caught in the wrong side.

          While you are corresponding with your colleagues or superiors do not use slang or jargon because it really looks awkward and unprofessional.

           Do not talk loudly because it conveys arrogance and rude behaviour which may prove to be counter productive.

          Try to maintain the office clean and use whatever and wherever required in order to avoid untidy and ugly appearance.

          Strong odour food and perfumes also can be distractive and offensive to some employee because it disturbs them and prevents you from engaging and sharing actively in a discussion.

          Try to avoid gossip as much as possible which may convey a wrong impression about your intentions and your professionalism.

          Also try to learn the usage of social media and if possible try to know the company policy on how to use the social media and other behaviour protocols.



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