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                                                Managing Your Body Language      Managing your body language is also very important ...

                                               Managing Your Body Language

     Managing your body language is also very important in an interview because it can speak a lot about your personality and character and the way you react to unexpected and uncomfortable situation is also evaluated in an interview by your body language, so hence we offer the following tips to help you cope with the pressures of an interview and still maintain your composure:
      As soon as you see a person or recruiter on the day of interview, smile warmly and if possible wish them and also try to give a handshake which is strong and firm but don’t be intense and use all your strength it should be good enough to meet and greet a person and also smile while doing so.

     Also as soon as you happen to meet the recruiter try to maintain a positive body language because they are experienced and you can be evaluated even before you speak so make use of the limited time.

      Try to maintain an eye contact because otherwise you will come across as an unprofessional and arrogant and uninterested candidate to the interviewer and the interviewer can get turned off with this gesture.

      Do not fold your hands under your chest and do not be stiff and tensed be open and confident, no matter what the questions that are being asked, if you are stiff the interviewer can sense this and your chances may go down.

     Do not overuse your perfume or cologne and try to maintain proper distance between yourself and the interviewer so that both of you can be comfortable.



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