Interview Accessories | Ways To Dress Up to Impress at Your Interview

                                                        Interview accessories           Not only wearing proper dress to an interview ...

                                                       Interview accessories

          Not only wearing proper dress to an interview is important but also carrying proper accessories that complement your dress are also important, here is the list of accessories that you should carry with yourself for an interview:

         Wearing a formal dress and dressing conservatively is a good idea but when it comes to perfume you should not use strong odour perfume because it may feel good for you but the interviewer may be sensitive to smell of the perfume and get uncomfortable and disturbed which means your chances go down automatically.

         Also other symbols such as tattoos and ear rings are advisable to be removed and wedding ring is ok but other jewellery could be flashy and can be considered cheap and gaudy by the interviewer.

        Do not wear casual shoes and other fashionable footwear to the interview, it’s preferable that you wear only formal shoes to the interview.

        Hairstyle should be neat, short and trimmed and do not go for fashionable hairstyles and spiked hairstyles, you are going for a job and not for a fashion party.

         Do not cover your hear with any caps, bandanas and other clothes and also try to trim and if possible be cleanly shaven.




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