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                                               Including References in Your Resume              Including references in your resume en...

                                               Including References in Your Resume

             Including references in your resume enhances you r chances of getting selected for a job, but be cautious and careful in selecting your reference because it can help you get a job or make you lose a chance, so the following are the tips to include references in your resume:
              It is best to ask for references who are in the same profession or industry in which you are applying a job for.

              After making sure that your references are from the same industry try to get their permission before using their reference and also it is advisable that they should be senior to you and also should testify about your skills and achievements.

            The people whom you can ask for references are your ex-employers, former colleagues and professors from your college also but if they are in a slightly higher position than you, then it’s a good idea.

             Also try to maintain a good network of contacts so that you may be in need to mention their names when you need a reference so be actively involved in both personal and professional life with your contacts.


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