Importance of a Mentor in a Career |The Importance Of Workplace Mentors

                                         Importance of a Mentor in a Career                 The importance of a good mentor cannot be ...

                                        Importance of a Mentor in a Career
            The importance of a good mentor cannot be overlooked in a career because sometimes you may not have an idea of where your current job is taking you, so in that case if you have a mentor he can really help you because he has already progressed forward in that career and is ahead of you and more experience than you so you can always rely for advice, here are the points which highlight the importance of a mentor:
          The primary and most important task is to find a mentor, that itself is a job more than half done, you can find them on linkedin which is the best site for professionals where you can find mentors by networking in the linkedin or by searching for them in your company.

           Once you have found the mentor the next job is to brief him about your plans and goals and explain about how you want to achieve them and ask about how to achieve them in the best possible way.

            It’s always appreciated when you listen to your mentor and they may sometimes criticize you about your approach, attitude or goal but take it openly and see if there is anything that you can do to improve.

           Establish a very good interpersonal relationship with your mentor because it really helps when you both are closely working and try to be part of a personal life of a mentor also, both professionally and personally try to establish a bond.


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