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                                                How to deal with a difficult boss               Bad bosses are always difficult to han...

                                               How to deal with a difficult boss

              Bad bosses are always difficult to handle and once in everybody’s career bad bosses are encountered more than good bosses and here are the ways to handle a bad boss:

             When a boss is insulting or using offensive language in public try not to reply in the same way in the public rather take up the matter with him personally and discuss it with him whenever he is free but avoid replying to your boss publicly.

             If he is criticizing you almost all the time and rarely complementing you and if he is criticizing you even when it is not your fault then you can report the problem to human resources and try to settle the matter.

            You can also sit down with the boss and outline your problems and speak to your boss and appreciate him and tactfully explain to him that his behavior is affecting your productivity and efficiency at work.

            Try to communicate and converse with him online like e-mail and messaging such that when your boss uses offensive language against you, you can use it as a proof for later times when you file a complaint against your boss.

            If none of the above are working try to change to another department or consider changing the boss so that it is better for your career and life.



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