How to Crack a GD | Important Tips To Crack Group Discussion

                                                      How to Crack a GD              Group discussion (GD) is one of the most importan...

                                                     How to Crack a GD

             Group discussion (GD) is one of the most important stages to evaluate a candidate and his skills and abilities, it is only after the GD stage that you will be able to get selected for the next round or get a chance for face to face interview, here are the following tips on how to get selected in the GD stage:
              In a group discussion mainly the interpersonal skills of an applicant and his ability to communicate with his colleagues, seniors and other members will be tested, so communication is the key.

              So firstly maintain a good eye contact before you speak, eye contact is very important because it makes you look professional and also interested in the topic under discussion.

              Be proactive and if possible try to start the group discussion on your own, however this should only be done when you know the topic perfectly and have a good knowledge about it, otherwise you should not attempt it.

              Also after you have spoken, you should give others to speak and also try to listen patiently and keenly because it helps you to get to know about what they are speaking and when you get your chance again you can decide whether to oppose or support their view, so listening is also the key.

            Speak clearly and relevantly to the topic and you can sometimes speak related issues but keep in mind to keep the discussion on the track and do not deviate form the group discussion topic.

           In group discussion everyone maybe new to you so try to maintain your composure and body language and do not be shy to speak, this is where you get evaluated by checking your ability to speak in a new place and among others.


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