How to Ask for a Hike in Salary | How to Get Hike In The Salary

                                               How to Ask for a  Hike in Salary                 You are working in a company since som...

                                              How to Ask for a  Hike in Salary

                You are working in a company since some time and you think you are performing well but not getting rewarded and if you plan to ask your employer or manager but do not know how, here are the following ways to ask for a hike in pay:

                 Before proceeding to ask for a hike in pay try to be fully informed about your job role and the salaries and the pay scale that is on offer for your job and its roles and responsibilities outside your company and try to be honest with yourself whether you are being really underpaid and don’t assume without knowing.

                After evaluating yourself, try to know the company policy guidelines and protocol for raising the salaries on a particular set of criteria and know whether you qualify as per the company policy after checking that you fully qualify proceed further.

              Have a clear idea of why you want a hike in pay and how much you want your new pay to be, and then you should be able to back it up with proper support.

              When you are asking for a pay raise you should be in a position to answer why you are going for a pay raise and list out your achievements and special accomplishments which are more than your job role.

                Having known everything you can then ask your manager to schedule a meeting between you two and try to give backing to all your reasons and explain to him/her clearly the reasons behind asking a hike in pay and try to be professional by avoiding any personal inferences or comparisons and offering to resign, it really gives a negative statement about you.






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