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                                          Employment / Career Scams             In these difficult times of economic downturn unemployme...

                                          Employment / Career Scams

            In these difficult times of economic downturn unemployment is on the rise and more and more graduates are finding it difficult to get a job and some of them fall prey to the often fake employment opportunities and spurious job offers they face, here are the ways to recognize such scams and avoid falling in trap:

            An email can be sent to the candidate saying that he has a job with an offer letter and it can include details such as the job location, salary and accommodation and it also says it requires to pay certain amount of money in order to fund your travel and other expenses to the job location, this kind of mails should be immediately verified by either contacting the HR department of that company or by any contacts in your profile.

            Sometimes the recruiters promise openings and make you enroll for them and also take a skill check of you and may say that you need to update your skills and they may offer few sessions and then leave you by giving one or the other excuses, in this case you loose your money and time.

            Sometimes the employer lures you in the name of the job you are looking for and once you attend the interview, they may say that they have different kind of job that you may not be looking for, desperate candidates may take the offer with much lesser salary and less qualified position but it’s not advisable.

           You may get a mail that you have been qualified for a job by saying that your resume is impressive and may then ask you personal details and other confidential information such as credit cards and other personal information, sometimes the mail may contain virus, so beware of the sender and check on the internet whether the mail is related to virus or spam.



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