Difference Between Hard Skills and Soft Skills

                                   Difference Between Hard Skills and Soft Skills   There is a certain difference between hard skills ...

                                  Difference Between Hard Skills and Soft Skills

 There is a certain difference between hard skills and soft skills, while more and more employers are looking for soft skills, we give you the difference between both the skills and emphasize the importance of both:

  Hard skills are the ones which are basic and most common for all candidates such as a college degree, grades and basic computer operability and sometimes computer languages as well.

  These kind of skills can be imparted and developed by the company by recruiting and training the graduates and freshers.

  These skills are mentioned on the resume and these are the skills that recruiters look for in an applicant’s personality mainly these skills are the basic but not the only skills required to do the job that is being offered.

  These skills stay the same for all the companies that you apply in your chosen field and they can be learnt from books and in schools and colleges e.g computer programming language such as Java is a hard skill, the job of working with java stays the same in any company.

Whereas soft skills on the other hand are totally different from hard skills, hard skills can get you a job but soft skills help you stay in the job, this is the main and primary difference,

  Soft skills can neither be taught in schools or colleges or companies but can be learnt by the individual by observation and by trial and error, these include interpersonal skills, listening skills, leadership skills, team work skills and these wary from person to person and these are the skills that largely determine a person’s growth and rise in his career.

  Communication skills are very essential in a company because it helps you in effectively interacting with your superiors and co-workers and helps in becoming a good asset to the company apart from not just doing your job.

  Interpersonal skills also help because sometimes the work should be done in co-ordination with many other people and trying to effectively mingle and get the work done is also a good soft skill.

  As already mentioned above hard skill makes you qualified for a job and makes you get a job whereas soft skills helps you stay in the job and helps you grow in the job.



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