Steps To Start A Job Search

                                             How to Start a Job Search        Resume First :                         In order to s...

                                            How to Start a Job Search

      Resume First
                       In order to search for a job you need to first prepare a resume which exactly matches with the job and its requirements, the resume needs to be professional and up-to-date with no spelling and grammar mistakes.

  Social Media
                       Having your presence on the social media really helps because it helps in promoting your resume and helps you fetch opportunities, so maintain your presence in websites like facebook , twitter , linkedin and other social media , if you do not do it there are many others who do the same and you are simply going to fall behind in the race.

                     While you may already have a presence in the social media try to get in touch with the members of the industry and like minded people from the same profession where it is easy to get a job when you establish inter personal contacts.

                     Use contacts in your industry who are already part of it and seek guidance and assistance from them in getting a job.

 Job listings
                    Search the job listings to get a list of jobs and choose the one which most suits your specifications and go for it.

 Job Portals: 
                    Maintain accounts in the job portals and fill the required details and mention the required specifics and take great care in mentioning about your skill set so that you may get noticed in the vast pool of users.


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