Research A Company Before Your Interview or When Applying

                                                                How to Research A Company Company Web-Site :                        ...

                                                               How to Research A Company

Company Web-Site
                        Visiting the company web-site can be really helpful because it helps you to gain an insight into the company’s range and scope of operations, the history as well as the various verticals of that particular company and also several other parameters which you can search in detail later on.

                        Maintain a good and extensive network of connections so that you can easily know about any company because of already industry exposed employees who can say a thing or two about the company.

Social Media: 
                       Social Media is the media of this century, it can surely give you latest updates and information about the nature of your search and do make a note to follow the company’s day to day activities and updates, if you do not have a proper presence on the social media you are surely missing it in the competition.

                       Employees who are already working for that company can give you meaningful and most accurate information about the company you are searching for, they can be most commonly found on linkedin and other professional meetup platforms, so try to maintain your presence in those platforms.



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