Preparing for an Interview | Interviewing Step |Tips On Preparing For An Interview

                                            Steps For  Preparing for Interview       1)       Do you fit in :                      ...

                                            Steps For Preparing for Interview     

1)      Do you fit in:
                          Before attending an interview, analyze the job for which you are attending an interview and find out the roles and responsibilities of that job and also analyze your skills, strengths and abilities and see to that whether you are able to match both of them and check whether you are familiar with what you can handle.

2)      Research about the company:
                          Try to know more about the company, in-depth knowledge of the company can help you greatly in getting noticed, also take care to get knowledge about how to stay ahead in the competition.

3)      Mock interview: 
                         Try to practice interview questions by looking at yourself in front of the mirror and observing your body language can help you refine your posturing for the interview, also ask anyone whom you knew to conduct mock interview for you, it really helps to stay calm and fee during real interview.

4)      Tricky questions: 
                         Tricky questions include those which can catch you off-guard and dislodge you from your comfort zone, expect the unexpected type of questions that which you have not faced or heard kind, e.g. what makes you think you are eligible for this job. Etal.

5)      Attire: 
                       Prepare proper attire for an interview and take care in preparing that attire because last minute hitches can make you tensed and de-focused.

6)      Appearance:
                     How to look before the interviewer and what should you get to the interview are also crucial on the D-date, if a phone rings before or during the interview, the rhythm is completely lost and chances are more likely that you will give a wrong impression that as well as chewing gum during an interview should be completely avoided just project yourself and your abilities and stick to this line strictly.

7)      Posture: 
                    Greet the interviewer pleasantly, politely not only the interviewer but just about anyone you face on that day, maintain eye contact and lean a bit forward while sitting so that it gives an impression that you are ready to engage and interested to communicate.

8)      Be Calm:
                     Try to be calm and maintain your composure, it is not the end of the world if you do not get selected , listen to a question properly and answer relevantly , don’t let the interviewer ask what was the question, this is the worst mistake of not being attentive during an interview.



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