How to Send Email Resume For a Job You Are Applying

                                              How to Send Email Resume In order to send a resum...

                                             How to Send Email Resume

In order to send a resume there are two preferable ways, one is to send the email as either an attachment or directly including the resume in the email.

To send the email as an attachment the most preferable formats to send your resume are either as a PDF or as a word document.

In a word document include the version which as save as in the email, in case of a PDF convert the file to PDF and then send it as an attachment.

One more way of sending an email is to directly include the resume in an email and then send it with simple styling and font sizing options, some mail services like gmail has the best options of editing within the email.

The name of the message you are sending should include the name of the job that you are applying for, so that the employer gets an idea what job you are applying for.

Including the date and signature is also one of the key practices in sending an email resume.

Testing whether the email is working the way you intended it to is also a good idea, so send the mail to yourself and see if there are any mistakes.

This one is related to the resume itself, make sure that you have made no spelling and grammar mistakes in your resume.



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