How To Get A New Job In Same Company | Apply for a Better Job at Your Current Workplace

                                      Apply for a Job Within Your Company            Sometimes you maybe wanting to apply to a new job ...

                                      Apply for a Job Within Your Company

           Sometimes you maybe wanting to apply to a new job within your company for various reasons like not being suited to the current job, less growth in the current job and there could be so many reasons, here are the ways to apply for a job within your company

           Firstly, make sure that your skills and abilities are best suited for that job which you wish to transfer.Then know about the openings in your company about the new job for which you want to apply.Take advice from seniors and others who have in a similar way moved from one job to another job within the same company and try to work on their suggestions.

            Also try to discuss with your HR about why you wish to move to another job and also try to know about the process of shifting to another job within your company from the HR.

             Don’t discuss about your plans to transfer with your co-workers because it may convey an impression that you are not committed and not dedicated to the present job.

            Try to discuss your plans of job transfer with your boss and also do not give an impression that you are unwilling to work and you don’t like your present job to your boss because you won’t get a job and also you will come across as  non-committal and unprofessional to the work.

            Just because you are already a current employee of that company doesn’t mean you will get a job, be properly prepared for the interview and give a best try to the interview and also try to explain why you want to shift to a new job.



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