CV (Curriculum Vitae) Format And Fields Used In It

                                                          Curriculum Vitae A CV or curriculum vitae means course of life in Latin, so i...

                                                         Curriculum Vitae

A CV or curriculum vitae means course of life in Latin, so it generally gives a comprehensive and extensive time line of a candidate's academic, educational and work related information and it also has good amount of personal information.

The General Format For a CV begins with 

Contact Information:
               First comes the name, then the residence address and personal info and email if possible linked in account.

Personal information:
              It contains the details of your birth such as date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, visa status (in case you are applying for jobs abroad)

Optional Information:
              It includes your marital status, Spouse name, Children.

Employment Details:
              These include your work at various previous jobs, Teaching interns as well as research Programs.

             This includes High school, under graduate, Post Graduate, PhD (dates are to be mentioned).

Professional Experience:
             This includes technical skills and other special skill set such as accredations, certifications, awards, achievements.



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