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1.How many types of data does javaScript consists of ? Ans. numeric, string, Boolean, null 2.The HTML tag < img src = ”URL1” use...

1.How many types of data does javaScript consists of ?
Ans.numeric, string, Boolean, null

2.The HTML tag < img src = ”URL1” usemap =”URL2” > tells the browser to
Ans.display the image of URL1 and map the URL2

3.Which command displays a simple window that contains a prompt and a text field in which the user can enter data is
Ans.prompt(”string”, ”string”)

4.Which Function is used In JavaScript to inserts a list of elements onto the front of the array

5.which is application program interface(API) for XML documents?
Ans. DOM model

6.In Which Storage does The configuration settings of a Java Bean can be saved

7.Predict The Output Of the Following
<TITLE>This is my page title! </TITLE>
This is my message to the world!

Ans. This is my message to the world!

8.Which tag is used to ensure that pages are displayed in the correct frame
Ans. href

9.The scripting language which is platform dependent is

10.What are the genral syntax for inline image?
Ans.img src=file

11.What is the tag for an inline frame?

12.A directory contains Java Beans and Java Beans Related class and interface documentation is
Ans. Javadoc

13.The first node of the XML document is called
Ans. Root Node

14.Which structure starts with a general topic that includes link to more specific topics.
Ans. Hierarchical

15.How many frames can be created in a webpage

16.What are the paths Which Are supported by HTML
Ans.Absolute and Relative

17.In cascading style sheets the styles are defined in
Ans. External files

18.To display more than one page at a time What we use
Ans. Frameset

19.Which is used to describe the structure of a document not the way that it is presented
Ans. XML

20.In forms to transfer information to a server we use

21.What are the HTML codes that control the apearance of the document contents
Ans. tags

22.Which interface informs an object that it is bound to or unbound from a session
Ans. HttpSessionBindingListener

23.The return type of getvalue( ) method in the cookie class is

24.What operator makes converts 00110011 into 11001100?
Ans. ~

25.Which elements typically perform some action based on information that is required at exact time JSP page is required by a browser
Ans.standard action

26.What is a pure java web server with support for the servlet2.4 and jsp2.0 specifications is
Ans.tomcat 5

27.At  What Time Does the JSp Action elements can be invoked time

28.Which interface provides methods for handling exceptions thrown while evaluating a body of an action elements.

29.How many color names recognized by all version of HTML.
Ans. 16

30.Which method you can use to execute SQL select statement and to return a result set?
Ans.executequery( )

31.What type of errors can be  avoided using prepared statements
Ans.dynamic syntax errors

32.Executeupdate( ) method return type is

33.A JSP directive elements starts with which identifier?

34.What is the default port number which is used in Tomcat server?

35.Which directory contains Unix scripts for starting &stopping the server

36. Which Method is called by server to relinquish any resources ,such as file handles that are allocated for the servlet
Ans.destroy( )

37.What is the most widely use e-mail form script?

38.What is The small amount of data that is saved on the clients machine and can be created by and referenced by a java servlet

39.A servlet container and JSP container are often combined in one package under the name
Ans.Web Container

40.JRE stands for
Ans. Java Runtime Environment

41.Which tag is used to break lines?

42.Every Web page should begin and end with what type of HTML tag
Ans.<HTML> </HTML>

43.Which function is used to read the information from the user

44.JavaScript is an
Ans.Object Oriented Programming

45.Comment in XML document is given by
Ans. <!-- -->

46.Valid XML document means?
Ans.the XML document has DTD associated with it & it complies with that DTD

47.DTD includes the specifications about the markup that can be used within the document, the
specifications consists of all EXCEPT
Ans. The browser Name

48.What is the correct syntax of the declaration which defines the XML version?
Ans.<?xml version="1.0"?>

49.Which property of a bean has a single value?

50.Which of the following property of a bean generates an event when an attempt is made to change its value?

51.HTML stands for
Ans.Hypertext Markup Language

52.Title command tag must appear inside a special section of your Web page called the
Ans.Header section

53.HTML headings are defined with what type of tags?
Ans.<h1> to <h6>

54.Which function is used to convert the string into integer?

55.Which function evaluates or executes an argument?

56.Which event will occur when we click on the item?
Ans. onClick()

57.What is a subset of SGML?
Ans. XML

58.What is the software component that has been designed to be reusable in a variety of different environments?
Ans.Java Beans

59.Which exception is generated if a problem occurs when analyzing a bean
Ans. IntrospectionException

60.An HTML file written in notepad can be saved with an extension
Ans.  .html

61.The method getWriter returns an object of type PrintWriter. This class has println methods to
generate output. Which classes define the getWriter method?
Ans. HttpServletResponse

62.What is cell padding?
Ans.Used to separate cell walls from their contents.

63.DOM stands for
Ans.  Document object model

64.When a JSP page is compiled, what is it turned into?
Ans. Servlet

65.A few lines in an HTML paragraph are to be formatted differently from the rest of the lines. Which tag will assist in this?
Ans. -p

66.If you want to override a JSP file's initialization method, within what type of tags must you declare the method?
Ans.<%! %>

67.How many copies of a JSP page can be in memory at a time?
Ans. One

68.How does Tomcat execute a JSP?
Ans.By one of Tomcat Thread

69.Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?
Ans. style

70.Which JDBC driver Type(s) can be used in either applet or servlet code?
Ans.Both Type 3 and Type 4

71.What are used at server side

72.What are valuable for tracking user activities?

73.sendRedirect() executes on the
Ans. Client.

74.Which method is to retrieve data from server by supplying minimal data inputs

75.Which method is called first each time a Servlet is invoked?

76.How many important methods Does Servlest life cycle involve
Ans. three

77.How Many ways of Authentication options available in servlets?

78.What is a separate entity which provies interface between the application and database?
Ans. Database driver

79.What is mean by DTD?
Ans. Document type definition

80.JDBC stands for
Ans.Java Database Connectivity


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