Operating System Technical Interview Question & Answers

1. Which connects computers within a room, a floor, or a building? Ans. LAN 2.What is FtDisk? Ans.  It is a fault tolerance disk driv...

1. Which connects computers within a room, a floor, or a building?
Ans. LAN

2.What is FtDisk?
Ans. It is a fault tolerance disk driver for Windows NT.

3.Which provide an interface to the services made available by an operating system
Ans.virtual calls

4.Which scheduling algorithm is either preemptive or non preemptive?
Ans. SJF

5.Which scheduling algorithm partitions the ready queue into several separate queues
Ans.multilevel queue

6.What is a bar chart that illustrates a particular schedule
Ans.gantt chart

7.The value of a binary semaphore can range only between
Ans. 0 and 1

8.A solution to the critical-section problem is
Ans. Peterson’s Solution

9.Both the first-fit and best-fit strategies for memory allocation suffer from Which  fragmentation

10.Replace the page fault will not be used for the longest period of time is

11.Communications may be implemented via
Ans.Share memory or message passing

12.what is used to store and retrieve configuration information
Ans. Registry

13.Which scheduling algorithm allows a process to move between queues
Ans.Multilevel Feddback queues

14.The Linux scheduler is Which priority based algorithm

15.The solution in which processes wait indefinitely within the Semaphore is

16.What is the problem Which is commonly used to illustrate the power of synchronization

17.A collection of instructions that performs a single logical function is called

18.We can limit the effects of thrashing by using a
Ans.Local or priority replacement algorithm

19.What are the four layers that Windows NT have in order to achieve independence?
Ans.Hardware abstraction layer,Kernel,Subsystems,System Services

20.The formula for effective access time is
Ans.( 1 – p ) * ma + p * page fault time

21.What Condition does The circular-wait condition implies

22.Deadlocks can be described more precisely in terms of a directed graph called a system
Ans.Resource allocation Graph

23.How many jobs can be run concurrently on MVT?
Ans.15 jobs

24.Which provides host-name-to-network-address translations for the entire Internet
Ans. DNS

25.What scheduling is essentially a form of SJF scheduling.

26.A disk that has a boot partition is called
Ans.System Disk

27.Disk Mirroring is in RAID level
Ans. 1

28.CPU performance is measured through

29.Which Structure is used by MULTICS in addition to file access

30.DES works on a chunk of bits at a time is known as a
Ans. Hybrid cipher.

31.Algorithm for deadlock avoidance is
Ans. Resource allocation graph or Bankers algorithm

32.An optimal scheduling algorithm in terms of minimizing the average waiting time of a given set of processes is
Ans.Shorest job - first scheduling algorithm

33.Which state is not a deadlocked state.

34.Which manages metadata information
Ans. logical file system

35.PCB =
Ans. Process Control Block

36.Which solves all problems of contiguous allocation
Ans.Linked allocation

37.What is a region of fast memory that holds copies of data
Ans. Cache

38.What is a full-duplex connection between a device driver and a user-level process

39.DMZ stands for

40.DDOS stands for
Ans.Distributed denial-of-service

41.The Memory that is placed between CPU an main memory is

42.Which memory lies on top of Memory Hierarchy

43.A Program Execution is known as

44.Which is not a valid process state
Ans.Stand by

45.A light weight process is 

46.The test and set instructions return which value
Ans. Boolean

47.A mutex refers to a,
Ans. Binary Semaphore

48.Logical Address is also called as
Ans.Virtual address & relative address

49.The technique in which pages are fetched into main memory when they [ ]
are needed by processes is
Ans.Demand Paging

50.In UNIX, a process is created using which system call 

51.DMA stands for
Ans.Direct Memory Access

52.When an interrupt occurs, the CPU executes a special routine known as
Ans.Interrupt Handler or Interrupt Service Routine

53.Which queue contains processes that are ready for execution

54.PSW stands for
Ans.Program Status Word

55.What is the process that can affect the execution of other processes

56.A transaction that has completed its execution successfully is called
Ans. Committed

57.Instruction Execution cycle is also known As
Ans. Fetch- Execute

58.What is a solution for external fragmentation

59.Each process is identified by a unique number called
Ans.Process ID

60.Time stamp based protocol is a method to provide


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