C++ Technical Interview Question & Answers

1.The operator >> is called Ans. a get from operator 2.What Is the default access specifier? Ans. private 3.C++ is an Ans. o...

1.The operator >> is called
Ans.a get from operator

2.What Is the default access specifier?

3.C++ is an
Ans.object oriented programming Language

4.Which provides support for simultaneous input and output operations

5.Predict The Output Of the Following
       class base
        int bval;
        base(){ bval=0;}

class deri:public base
        int dval;
        deri(){ dval=1;}
void SomeFunc(base *arr,int size)
for(int i=0; i        cout<bval;

int main()
base BaseArr[5];
deri DeriArr[5];

Ans.  00000

6.Which keyword is Used by C++ to represent an object that invokes a member function
Ans. this

7.Which Sort Uses the binary tree concept such that any number is larger than all the numbers in the Subtree
Ans. Heap

8.The number of passes required for sorting M records of length N using simple external sorting algorithm is
Ans. (A) [log(N/M)]

9.A binary search tree contains the values - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. The tree is traversed in preorder and the values are printed out. What  is The valid output?
Ans. 5 3 1 2

10.The wrapping up of data and functions into a single unit is known as
Ans. encapsulation

11.What are the basic run-time entities in an object oriented system
Ans. Objects

12.Field width operator is
Ans. setw

13.What is the  function that is expanded in line when it is invoked
Ans. inline function

14.Variables declared inside the class are known as
Ans. datamembers

15.Dynamic allocation operator in C++ is
Ans. new

16.What Is the output of the following
int x=20,y=35;
x = y++ + x++;
y = ++y + ++x;
printf("%d %d\n",x,y);

Ans. 57 94

17.Pointer to member operator is
Ans. .*

18.What is the  order of the binary search algorithm?
Ans. log n

19.In a binary search tree if the key element is less than the root element then sub tree must be searched in
Ans. left

20.Find Out The output Of the following
char *p1;
char *p2;
p1=(char *) malloc(25);
p2=(char *) malloc(25);

Ans. LatestOffcampus

21.Which operation is used to add an item in a queue

22.Queue can be used to implement
Ans.radix sort

23.The average number of comparisons performed by the merge sort algorithm , in merging two sorted lists of length 2 is

24.What are the output(s) for the following ?
     #define MAN(x,y) (x)>(y)?(x):(y)
      {int i=10;
      printf(%d %d %d %d,i,j,k);

Ans . 10 5 0

25.The Object is not declared for which class?
Ans. Abstract

26.Data that consists of a single, non decomposable entity are known
Ans. atomic data

27.In how many ways is polymorphism achived in C++?
Ans. 3

28.In Data members is also called?
Ans. Attribute

29.What is the sum of degrees of all the nodes In an undirected graph
Ans.must be even

30.In which trie node allows only one character
Ans. compressed

31.What is the output of the following
         void main()
int i;
case 1: printf("%d",i);break;
case 2:printf("%d",i);break;
case 3:printf("%d",i);break;
switch(i) case 4:printf("%d",i);

Ans. 1,2,3,4

32.A priority queue is an abstract concept like a
Ans. list or map

33.How Many no.of comparisons Required For merging two sorted lists of sizes m and n into a sorted list of size m+n
Ans. O(m+n)

34.Which strategy is used by the merge sort
Ans. divide and conquer

35.What is the depth of a complete binary tree with n nodes
Ans. log2(n+1)-1

36.Which tree is a self-balancing binary search tree
Ans. AVL

37.What is the minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic on n vertices?
Ans. n

38.An n vertex undirected graph with exactly n*(n-1)/2 edges is said to be
Ans.Complete graph

39.A Standard Tree Uses
Ans. O(n) Spces

40.The goal of operator overloading is
Ans.To help the user of a class

41.Which is a special method used to initialize the instance variable of a class.

42.Access to private data Means?
Ans.Restricted to methods of other classes

43.The static member variable is initialized to?
Ans. 0

44.What will be the output of following program 
        void main()
         float x;
Ans. 4.5

44.Usually a pure Virtual Function is
Ans. Is defined only in derived class

45.A Class can have how many destructor?

46.The process of extracting the relevant attributes of an object is known as
Ans. Inheritance

47.Which diagram provides a formal graphic notation for modelling objects, classes and their relationships to one another?
Ans. Object Diagram

48.Which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting at rear?

49.The post order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. find out the pre order traversal

50.Which constructor function is designed to copy objects of the same class type?
Ans. Copy constructor

51.What is mechanism Which binds code and data together and keeps them secure from outside world is?

52.Exception handling is targeted at
Ans. Run-time error

53.Which keyword is used to make the class friend

54.Where the default value of parameter have to be specified?
Ans.Function prototype
55.C++ was developed by
Ans. Bjame Stroustrup

56.Which operator that cannot be overloaded is?
Ans. : :

57. What is the operator which is NOT used with pointers
Ans. >>

58.For Which purpose we use constructor?

59.What is the operator which can be overloaded through friend function
Ans. *

60.A class defined with in another class is
Ans. Nested class


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