C Language Technical Interview Questions & Answers

1.  Which is not a feature of C language Ans . case insensitive 2.Which program that copies programs from a storage device to main mem...

1. Which is not a feature of C language
Ans.case insensitive

2.Which program that copies programs from a storage device to main memory
Ans. loader

3.BIOS is stored in

4.Which is not a data type in C?
Ans. string

5. Which statement violates the rules of structured programming

6.Which statement is used to terminate the execution of the nearest enclosing loop in which it
Ans. break

7.Which is An example of application software?

8.The series of interrelated phases that is used to develop computer software is known as
Ans. Software Development Life Cycle

9.Which function reads data from the standard input file keyboard
Ans. scanf

10.Which  finds syntax error in the source program.
Ans. compiler

11.What is the system software program that helps in coordinating system resources and allows other programs to execute
Ans. operating system

12.Who Developed C language?
Ans.Dennis Ritchie

13.Predict The Output of The Following
            char s[ ]="man";
            int i;
            for(i=0;s[ i ];i++)
            printf("\n%c%c%c%c",s[ i ],*(s+i),*(i+s),i[s]);

Ans .              mmmm
14.Which problem occurs when there is no matching else
Ans.Dangling Else

15.English like statements that follow a loosely defined syntax and are used to convey the design of an algorithm is called As 
Ans. pseudo code

16.The file created from the compiler is known as .
Ans. An Object

17.In a pre-test loop, if the body is executed n times, the limit test is executed in how many times
Ans. n+1

18.The multiway selection is coded using switch statement which is similar to Which construct
Ans. else-if

19.Which operator is used to turn on mask bits in an operand
Ans. bitwise inclusive or (|)

20.Which of the following is not an advantage of functions in C?
Ans. Data binding

21.If a static array is not initialized, then its elements are set to

22.In Which memory locations Array elements are stored
Ans. sequential

23.Which operator makes a pointer value from a pointer constant
Ans. & (ampersand)

24.Which operations is not performed on pointers?
Ans. addition of two pointers

25.Which Function adds a string to the end of another string?
Ans. strcat ()

26.At what Time Does the memory for a structure is Allocated
Ans. At structure variable declaration

27.A structure can be placed within another structure and is known as ?.
Ans. nested structure

28.Which is used to create a new data type name for an existing data type?
Ans. typedef

29.Which technique is used to pass data to a function
Ans. parameter passing

30.Which allows us to control the compilation process by including or excluding
Ans.conditional compilation

31.Which qualifier tells the computer that an object value may be changed by entities other than the program
Ans. volatile

32.The length of the following array byte[ ] data = { 12,34,9,0,-62,88} is
Ans. 6

33.An array of pointers that can be used to save space when not all rows of the array are full is called ?
Ans. ragged

34.Dynamic allocation of memory is done during
Ans. runtime

35.What is The pointer Which  is constant to the first element in the string
Ans. string identifier

36.The structure that contains a reference to data of its same type is called
Ans.self referential structure

37.Which operator is used in Accessing a structure member variable.

38.Which Keyword is used to declare structures

39.predict The Output
            static int var = 5;
            printf("%d ",var--);
Ans.5 4 3 2 1

40.What is The output Of The Following
char s[]={'a','b','c','\n','c','\0'};
char *p,*str,*str1;
printf("%d",++*p + ++*str1-32);

Ans. 77 

41.What Are The Internal Sorting methods?
Ans.bubble sort,insertion sort,selection sort.

42.The algorithms having complexity of O(n), O(n2) are known as
Ans.simple algorithms

43.Which operation returns a pointer to a temporary file

44.'rewind()’ is which type of operation in files
Ans. File status

45.What is the return type of ‘ftell()’

46.Which Returns the number of elements on the stack
Ans.get-size(): Integer

47.what is the advantage of linked list
Ans. Slow Search

48.What is the Best case performance of the Quick sort
Ans.O(n log n)

49.Best case performance of Binary search is

50.C has no direct support for Which type of data files

51.External sorting methods are applied on large sets of data which reside what devices
Ans.secondary storage

52.Which Function checks for a file error.
Ans.ferror ()

53.Stack is very similar to a list except that a stack is more

54.Which nodes are added to the rear end of the queue

55.Which search is also called as half-interval search

56.Two stacks are used to implement

57.Many complex applications can be easily carried out with
Ans.linked list

58.Which sort is a sort algorithm that returns the same results each time

59.Which sorting technique is also called as exchange sort.
Ans. Bubble

60.Predict The Output
int i=5;


61.The file structure information is stored in Which header file

62.Which function is used to position a file at the beginning

63.What is The average successful search time for sequential search on ‘n’ items

64.What is The efficiency of selection sort

65.Which sorting algorithm requires zero or more shift operations in each pass?

66.Which data structure that allows insertion of an element at rear end and deletions at front end?

67.Which type of linked list contains a pointer to the next node as well as to the previous nodes in sequence?

68.What is the postfix expression for the infix expression: A + B * ( C + D ) / F + D * E
Ans.ABCD + * F / + DE* +

69.Which function in C is used to check if the end of file has been reached
Ans.feof( )

70.What is the file in which data are stored using only characters

71.The process of finding the location of a target among a list of objects is called

72.Which memory is used by internal sort method during the entire sorting process

73.The quick sort algorithm is based on
Ans.divide and conquer

74.An ordered collection of data in which each element contains the location of the next element or elements is called
Ans.linked list

75.If the front end and rear end of the queue is -1 then that condition is called

76.Each element in a linked list is called as
Ans.a node

77.Encapsulation of data and operations on data, where the implementation details are hidden is called
Ans.abstract data type

78.Predict the Output
            int i=-1;
            printf("i = %d, +i = %d \n",i,+i);
Ans. i = -1, +i = -1

79.What is the output of the following
            char *str1="abcd";
            char str2[]="abcd";
            printf("%d %d %d",sizeof(str1),sizeof(str2),sizeof("abcd"));
Ans.2 5 5
80.Predict the output 
      #define FALSE -1
            #define TRUE   1
            #define NULL   0
            main() {
               else if(FALSE)


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